About Arketec

Arketec are experts in electronics design and software development.

At Arketec, we are passionate about design. We produce hardware and software that is better, through the use of innovative design techniques. We aim to create fantastic products that are elegant in their simplicity.

Circuit Design and Schematic Capture

Schematic is the process of translating your requirements into a circuit. Arketec works with you to define a set of specifications and turn that into a complete design.

Many factors need to be taken into account when designing a circuit. Topics such as power supply requirements and signal conditioning so that the product can safely interact with its environment. Communication - wired or wireless? FCC or CE restrictions, and immunity from interference - these are all issues which need to be addressed, and areas in which Arketec have expertise.

Arketec can:

  • choose a suitable microcontroller for your application
  • determine which ICs or discrete parts best serves your needs
  • choose appriopriate sensors and design proper IO conditioning circuitry
  • connect your product to third-party analog or digital devices
  • ensure parts are readily obtainable, or find suitable replacements

A modern product can contain hundreds of electronic components, all interacting in a precise and defined way: to your specification.