Printed Circuit Boards E-mail

Printed Circuit Board Layout is the final design stage before manufacture. Converting a schematic design to a PCB layout is as much an art as it is a science. Arketec can take a schematic design and turn it into a circuit board layout, with the option of a compact multilayer board or an economic two layer board. We can design PCBs of any size or shape, with any number of surface-mount or through-hole components.

We know what it takes to lay out a board to meet strict FCC emission standards, yet maintain signal integrity. We work closely with the PCB manufacturer through all stages of the manufacture and assembly process - from prototyping to production - to ensure a high quality and cost-effective solution.

Arketec can:

  • produce a bare PCB design, including solder mask layers and silkscreen
  • find suppliers for all parts, suitable replacements, and second sources
  • have the PCB created and parts populated
Circuit Design and Schematic Capture E-mail

Schematic is the process of translating your requirements into a circuit. Arketec works with you to define a set of specifications and turn that into a complete design.

Many factors need to be taken into account when designing a circuit. Topics such as power supply requirements and signal conditioning so that the product can safely interact with its environment. Communication - wired or wireless? FCC or CE restrictions, and immunity from interference - these are all issues which need to be addressed, and areas in which Arketec have expertise.

Arketec can:

  • choose a suitable microcontroller for your application
  • determine which ICs or discrete parts best serves your needs
  • choose appriopriate sensors and design proper IO conditioning circuitry
  • connect your product to third-party analog or digital devices
  • ensure parts are readily obtainable, or find suitable replacements

A modern product can contain hundreds of electronic components, all interacting in a precise and defined way: to your specification.